Friday, January 6, 2012

Just start

If slavery existed today, how many of us would be strive to abolish it. We read history books, and our minds travel to thought about how we could never own another human being, neither would we stand for it. We wouldn’t buy cotton from plantations that owned slaves, nor would we by tobacco from slave plantations. We would assist those in distress. We would buy back their freedom. We would do whatever, because you can’t put a price tag on freedom or another human being.

April 12, 1861, the shots were fired at Fort Sumter. This was the beginning of the Civil War. It was the war that supposedly ended slavery. However, there are still 27 million slaves in the world today. Many who know that slavery still exists, think that it is limited to all of the other nations around to world except the United States. However, it still exists even in the United States.

Slavery touches every part of our lives. Most do not even realize how many products are made by forced labors. From clothing to soccer balls, slavery covers it all.

Slavery: the practice of using the enforced labor of other people. A state of being completely dominated by another.

Freedom: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restrains or restrictions.

Gal 5:1 “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

Slavery can be many things. As Christians we were slaves to sin, but now we are slaves to righteousness because Jesus rescued me. Jesus paid it all.

Romans 6:20, “For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness.”

There are 27 million slaves around the world whose voice and plead for freedom is not heard.

Exodus 2:23, “During those many days the king of Egypt died, and the people of Israel groaned because of their slavery and cried out for help. Their cry for rescue from slavery came up to God.”

Slavery is not better than those who have horrible jobs and are brutally treated by their employer. Employees can walk away. Slaves can not.

Slavery is not better than homelessness. Homeless people have the opportunity and a chance to improve. Slaves do not.

Slavery is not right. If slave holders really are fair and treat their slaves with respect, then they will have no trouble just employing their slaves and allowing their slave to decide how they want to live, even if it means they walk away and choose something else.

Legalizing slavery is not an option. Some say that the acts that slaves are forced to perform are the injustice, not the slavery itself. (the idea of owning someone) If slavery were legalized it would not be hidden and it would become easy to spot the injustice and then action could be taken without much difficulty. First, Slavery is an injustice, not just the forced labor. Second, people still know that it is wrong and so they will continue the injustice even if slavery is legalized.

There are more than a few ways to end slavery.

Pray- nothing of significance can happen apart from Christ.

Giving money to all ready established and trained organizations who simply need a financial resource to get moving.

Showing rescued slaves the one who can restore their lives like no one else can. He can take the sacres and all the abgage and remove it as far as the east is from the west. It will always be a part of their life, but it doesn’t have to weigh them down.

Joining or starting an organization that helps to raise awareness, rescue individuals, or help rescued slaves find Jesus who can restore their life.

Ending slavery single handedly isn’t the object. The object is to start moving. This week, college students raised 2.6 million dollars by themselves in just four days during the passion conference in Atlanta Georgia. A few million dollars isn’t going to end it all in one big scoop, but it is a start, and we have to start somewhere. Ignoring slavery isn’t an option. You must choose between which way you are going to fight slavery. To turn your back isn’t one.

As Christians, we were slaves. We have been set free. We of all people know what it means to be set free. We of all people should be the one’s advocating for those who have never experienced freedom. Sin is truly the heart of the matter. We must show the world that we no longer have to be slaves to sin. There is freedom in Christ.

These are not just statistics. These are people with real stories, with real faces, with real lives, and with real dreams. They need Jesus just like we do, and they will never hear of Jesus unless liberation from their physical chains is achieved. Then liberation from their spiritual chains can be achieved. God can achieve both single handedly, and all slavery will cease when Jesus comes back in all of His glory and power, but until then, He chooses to use us. He has given us the responsibility to fight for slaves now until He returns.

We will never cross the finish line if we never start the race. We will never see slavery end, until we stand up and start moving.

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